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Product description:
AJK491 is fine powder of food grade kappa carrageenan, obtained by aqueous alkaline treatment of the natural strains of seaweeds Eucheuma cottonii, of the class Rhodophyceae (red seaweeds) to remove impurities, followed by cooking and filtration. Carrageenan then recovered by gel press to obtain the product.  It meets  FCC, EU(E407) and JECFA specification.
Appreance                       :White to white off  fine powder
Particles Size                         : 99% pass through  60 mesh
Moisture                           : Not more than 12% (105°C, 4 hrs).
Gel Strength                           : Not less than 1200g /cm2 (1.5% + 0.2% KCl, 20°C).
pH                              : 7.5-9.5 (1.5% solution @ approximately 75°C)
Viscosity                          : Not less than 5 cps (1.5% solutions @ 75°C)
Starch                               : Negative with iodine
Total Ash                         : Not more than 25%
Arsenic                    Not more than 3 mg/kg
Lead                                 Not more than 5 mg/kg
Mercury                           Not more than 1 mg/kg
Cadmium                         Not more than 1 mg/kg
Heavy metals (as Pb)     Not more than 20 mg/kg
Total plate count             Not more than 5 000 colonies per gram
Yeast and mould            Not more than 300 colonies per gram
E. coli                       Negative in 5 g
Salmonella  spp.           Negative in 10 g
Package                           Laminated paper bags 25 ks net with PE liner
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